Sahil Eccountant, CPA, CA – CEO, Founder

Sahil Eccountant, CPA, CA is more of a business strategist than an accountant, who considers that the modern-day accountant should not just remain behind the veil, crunching numbers, but also come forward as a trusted business partner who shall support the businesses to stimulate their growth to the next level. With a heavy interest in business tax, building automated financial models & after spending many years in fortune 500 companies, Sahil created Eccountant in 2017, a 100% virtual Chartered Professional Accounting firm with the goal of providing super-easy, automated & paperless online accounting and tax services to small businesses across Canada.

Sahil’s vision is to eliminate the anxiety that originates in the minds of small business owners when they meet with their accountants or file their taxes. He wishes to transform “meeting with accountant” experience to be something that the clients look forward to and not something they fear. At Eccountant he is foreseeing a firm that takes away all the pain behind accounting, bookkeeping and taxes from the small business owner and just present them with easy to understand reports that takes just about few minutes to comprehend.

When he’s not busy with accounting or tax, Sahil is an avid Foodie who enjoys trying new cuisines and restaurants with his family, clients and friends. Sahil also loves to cook but his accountant instincts kicks in and he becomes very precise about the measurements of the ingredients he uses in his recipes.