Eccountant is all about breaking free from the paper world and outgrowing yourself into the world of cloud accounting where sky is the limit.
We’re a 100% paperless CPA firm located in Brampton serving small businesses across GTA.
Eccountant is founded in 2017 with only one goal in mind: to make accounting super easy and pain-free for small businesses.
By combining beautiful technology with eco friendly CPAs, we’re able to help provide a relaxed, high-quality and steady accounting experience to our clients.
Simply put, we’re Eccountants and that makes us different from every Accountant.
Our meetings are on Skype.

  • Our work arrangement is very flexible and allows working remotely.
  • We use the slickest apps in the accounting world.
  • Every single person has a say in the direction and approach of the business.
  • We are building a culture which will make accounting fun for our clients and our Eccountants.
  • We do not have a fixed 9 to 5 culture, you can work whenever you want and wherever you want, you are your own boss.

Future of an Eccountant

We are growing rapidly, and we are getting a lot of attention for our modern methods, this means your future at Eccountant is sparkling. We need cool accountants like you to be part of the journey of providing this innovative experience of Eccountants to small businesses.

Hiring process of an Eccountant

Following your application, after reviewing the resumes, we will request the shortlisted candidates to have a one on one skype interview with our HR Lead. Candidates making it to the next step will be asked to come into the office for an in-person interview with our co-founder.

Get in touch with an Eccountant

Feel free to drop us a line!
For more information, please check out our Linkedin page or our Twitter handle @eccountants.
To apply, please send resumes to